Monday, August 8, 2011

Hear ye, Hear ye!!

Welcome to our family’s outdoor adventure blog, where we will be telling stories about our adventures outdoors. You will hear tidbits from all our whole family, which for now consists of mom, dad, two teen boys, two little/big girls, and if Ziggy our cat could type, I’m sure he would have plenty to meow about too! :)

I will be doing something refresher posts, but adding tips and how-tos on some things I’ve learned along the way.  We have lots of adventures to share so stay tuned!! I’m sure you will laugh…a…lot…and I hope learn a lot!!



  1. GORGEOUS PHOTO...taken by YOU of course!!

    I KNOW...I and your readers will laugh..

    If the girls are anything like their MOMMY...aka LUCY...we are in for some hilarious moments....

    Ziggy...well you can MEEEE...OW us along too...tubs!

    The boys have their adventures to tell too...with some funnies no doubt a long the way..

    and DAD...well, lets say...He is one character of a guy that makes EVERYONE thanks DAD aka SOLDIER!!

    Germany will be awesome to follow!!

    LOVE AND HUGS from my heart to yours
    Mom...aka NANA
    GUS says PAWS UP Ziggy!

  2. Ummm.....Wait a minute...What do you mean by "our family...for now...consisits of...."
    :-> .... More cats in the future?!